With the recent expansion of exciting new 3d printer filament types to choose from, deciding which material you need to print with can be a daunting task.

It basically boils down to you understanding what application you need it for. There’s no need to overcomplicate things by getting confused with the huge selection of 3D printing filament types if you just want to print low poly Pokémon.

So selecting the right 3d filament types is important for your project. Click here to Compare Materials and to eliminate the guess-work before you buy printer filament.
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  1. Swift PET-G Natural
    2 pcs PrintME Swift PET-G Natural
    €19.80 €16.50
  2. PET-G Transparent
    5+ pcs Filament PM PET-G Transparent
    €23.75 €19.79
  3. PET-G Transparent 2.85mm
    5+ pcs Filament PM PET-G Transparent 2.85mm
    €19.80 €16.50
  4. C-TECH PET-G-Transparent
    2 pcs C-TECH C-TECH PET-G
    As low as €21.59 €17.99
  5. EASY PET-G Pure Transparent
    BACKORDER Fiberlogy EASY PET-G Pure Transparent
    €21.00 €17.50
  6. Gembird PETG-Transparent
    4 pcs Gembird Gembird PETG
    As low as €20.39 €16.99
  7. Gembird PLA-Transparent
    5+ pcs Gembird Gembird PLA
    As low as €18.00 €15.00
  8. C-TECH PLA-Transparent
    5+ pcs C-TECH C-TECH PLA
    As low as €16.19 €13.49
  9. PET-G Transparent Glassy
    2 pcs Spectrum Filaments PET-G Transparent Glassy
    €22.90 €19.08
  10. PET-G Transparent
    BACKORDER Devil Design PET-G Transparent
    €19.80 €16.50
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