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  1. eco Recycled filaments for sustainable 3D Printing

    eco Recycled filaments for sustainable 3D Printing

    3D printing is today’s trendiest industrial revolution. But by heavily using plastics, is it sustainable? Why continue to use new plastics, when there’s so much old plastic we can re-use?

    At present, most plastic waste is perceived as valueless, it ends up in landfills or incinerators. Only a small fraction of the plastic waste is recycled. Unfortunately, a lot of discarded plastic ends up in our rivers, the sea (so called “plastic soup”), forests a

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  2. Fiberlogy FiberSilk Metallic

    Fiberlogy FiberSilk Metallic

    Maybe you noticed, we added a lot of new filaments from Fiberlogy. FiberLab is manufacturing hiqh quality filaments in EU with 0.02mm precision, while industry standard is only 0.05mm. If Silk materials are your favorite, be sure checkout newly added colors Silver, Inox and Bronze.

    Fiberlogy has a great range of hobby and industrial materials and we will keep adding and stock all their portfolio.

    The FIBERSILK METALLIC filament is the result of the joined and lasting effort of the Fiberlogy team. Their goal was to create a high-quality product combining a unique look, high durability and ease of printing. Fiberlogy’s FIBERSILK METALLIC offers a unique elegance of the printouts created with it. They are characterized by a silky metallic shine that brings out every smallest detail of a 3D model with all its bends and curves. Its aesthetic value is further enhanced by a rich palette of available colours. Fiberlogy have come u

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  3. Welcome on-board Spectrum Filaments

    Welcome on-board Spectrum Filaments

    We now offer high quality premium filaments from Spectrum that range from hobby to industrial. Everybody will find something great for their upcoming project.

    Spectrum Group is a family-owned company opened to new ideas and ready to follow the expectations of customers while offering production capabilities of one of the largest filament manufacturers in Poland.

    Our main goal is to provide high quality products while maintaining attractive prices and constant availability - the features so desired by demanding customers. One of the company's key principles is individual approach and customer satisfaction. We are able to bend over any, even the most complicated order.


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