PLA Tangerine Orange

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Three D Store PLA, tangerine orange, 1.75mm, 1kg

Our in-house manufactured filament. We had just 3 goals: quality, affordable price and interesting colors. We manufacture PLA, PET-G and HIPS. More cool colors are coming soon.

Thanks to our innovation-oriented approach, we can offer our customers filament of unique properties and parameters. We guarantee a diameter tolerance of +/-0.02 mm and oval tolerance of +/-0.01 mm. Therefore, we give makers the possibility to create extremely precise prints. This all comes with more than reasonable price.

Three D Filament is a material that allows you to achieve prints of a very high quality and avoid complications during the printing process. No matter what level of experience in 3D printing you have, printing with Three D Filament is sure to encourage you to pursue even more ambitious and complex projects. All this thanks to the easiness of printing.

More Information
Spool size1 kg
Heat deflection temperature50°C
Melting point150-180°C
Precision±0.02 mm
RAL ColorRAL 2004 Pure Orange
BrandThree D Store
Density1.24 g/cm3
Filament weight1 kg
Heated bed50 °C - 70 °C
Printing temperature200 °C - 220 °C
Filament diameter1.75mm
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