HIPS-X Bahama Yellow

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Spectrum HIPS-X, bahama yellow, 1.75mm, 1kg


HIPS (High Impact Poly-styrene) - is a high impact material. This material is easy to print as PLA, but it has similar characteristics to ABS. The additional advantages of HIPS compared to ABS are less temperature shrinkage and less toxic odor during printing. HIPS printouts are matt, smooth and can be mechanically postprocessed. HIPS can serve as a support material for ABS because it is soluble in concentrated citric acid (D-Limonene).

HIPS-X advantages:

  • high surface hardness
  • scratch resistance
  • impact resistance
  • matt surface of printout
  • lightweight
  • fully soluble in D-Limonene


Filament is reeled on the neat, transparent spool. Each spool contains information on the type of material, diameter and recommended printing temperature. Filament is vacuum-packed with a moisture absorber. Instruction manual inside. Whole product packed in the original, folied Spectrum Filaments packaging.

More Information
Spool size1 kg
SolubilityD-Limonenone, Acetone
Heat deflection temperature87°C
Precision±0.05 mm
RAL ColorRAL 1018 Zinc Yellow
BrandSpectrum Filaments
Density1.05 g/cm3
Filament weight1 kg
Heated bed100 °C
Printing temperature230 °C - 245 °C
Filament diameter1.75mm
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