FiberFlex 40D Beige

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Fiberlogy FiberFlex 40D, beige, 1.75mm, 0.85kg

Fast and precise. Yes, it’s possible. FIBERFLEX 40D is the best proof of this. With this flexible material with Shore hardness of D40 you can print at the speed of 45mm/s without worrying about the quality of the print. What’s more, thanks to FIBERFLEX 40D you will discover that printing with flexible filaments doesn’t have to be difficult. Feeding it to the extruder will be extremely easy and the printed layers will stick together well.

Your prints will have such properties as: high impact resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical and abrasion resistance. Because of that FIBERFLEX 40D can be used for both amateur and professional applications.

A thermoplastic elastomer with a hardness of 40D in Shore scale, which may be printed at the speeds up to 45 mm/s. The rubbery-like  material can be extended up to 680% of its original dimensions. Moreover, it has a high impact resistance at low temperatures and is resistant to abrasion and has a very good chemical resistance. All material properties give opportunity to use it in places that require frequent bending, in gadgets as well as rubber parts of machines and joining elements.

Additional information:

  • printing speed up to 45 mm/s with direct extruder
  • can be printed with Bowden style extruder at speed 15-30 mm/s
  • to remove the print easier, it is recommended to heat the bed to 110°C

More Information
Spool size1 kg
Heat deflection temperature70°C
Melting point157°C
Hardness (Shore D)40D / D2240
Precision±0.05 mm
RAL ColorNone
Density1.16 g/cm3
Filament weight0.85 kg
Heated bed50 °C - 60 °C
Printing temperature200 °C - 220 °C
Filament diameter1.75mm
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