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Glass print surface for your 3D printer, choose either 3mm or 4mm thickness, your printer bed size and surface finish. If you didn't find size that suits your printer, just let us know and we will prepare a custom cut glass just for you.

Clear glass has both sides smooth and both could be used for printing.

Mirror has only one side usable for printing but some users prefer it due to it's looks.

Frosted glass has one smooth side and one has a fine sanded matt texture that will improve adhesion and improve looks of bottom side of your prints. Other side is smooth regular glass for high glossy finish of your printed parts.

There are a lot of different 3D printing surfaces out there: metal, flexible, tape, glass, and more. But for most 3D printers, glass is the ultimate printing surface.

Your printer's build plate is not flat. It's made from aluminum and, even when new, is slightly bowed toward the center or edges. This is just the nature of thin, machined, often mediocre-quality aluminum.

Go with glass. Glass will always remain flat and smooth, will always love you, will never give you up, and will never let you down.

After your print and the glass bed have cooled, removing the print is a breeze. Sometimes the print will "pop" right off the bed; other times, you can simply pull it off with your fingers. No more tireless scraping, saving you time and effort while reducing the risk of damaging the print upon removal.


* CoreFuse logo and 3D printed panther are not included.
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Brand Three D Store
Voltage 24V
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Thickness 3-4mm
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